It's Time To Pack.

The Sherpa people of the 15th and 16th centuries made their home in the mountainous regions of Napal.  It was in these regions that their lifestyle as mountaineers became legend.  They were immensely valuable to early explorers of the Himalayan region due to their elite mountaineering skills and knowledge of the lands. Back then, and even today, they serve as guides during the most extreme sections of the region; and most notably, during the ascent up the fabled Mount Everest.  “Sherpa”, in modern-day terms, usually refers to as a hired guide during climbing expeditions.  These Sherpas are heroes in the eyes of Treka.

 At Treka, we devote our brand to those who devoted their lives to scaling the highest peak in the world.  We honor the Sherpas of the past and acknowledge their contributions to the climbing community of today.  And we also pay tribute to those who were willing to put their legacy and lives on the line to achieve the ultimate goal.  With each pack at Treka commemorating a fallen Everest mountaineer, we hope to inspire our patrons to become the version of themselves they’ve always dreamt of. 

 It’s time to get out there.

 It’s time to pack.