Treka Pro Series® Arsentiev Backpack - 70 Liter

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The Treka Pro Series® Arsentiev Backpack - 70 Liter is dedicated to American climber Francys Arsentiev who lost her life on May 22, 1998, shortly after her husband Sergei Arsentiev fell to his death in an attempt to save her.

Francys was the first women from the U.S. to climb Everest without the aid of supplemented oxygen. Before she died, Francys was found by South African climber Cathy O'Dowd, who tried everything in her power to save the dying women.

O'Dowd remembers Arsentiev's skin being a milky white and completely smooth due to severe frostbite, giving her the nickname Sleeping Beauty. After an hour of attempts in -30° C, and Francys falling deeper into incoherence, Cathy and her team were forced to leave her behind. To read Cathy O'Dowd's full recollection of that tragic day, click here.


The Treka Pro Series® Arsentiev Backpack - 70 Liter was made with the greatest adventures in mind. With a 70 liter capacity that allows for extended trips and fully adjustable shoulder & waist straps, this pack was designed to keep your heavy load stable and supported, while maintaining the necessary comfort to keep you moving forward.


Treka Pro Series® Arsentiev Backpack - 70 Liter Specs:

  • Backpacks Type:  Internal Frame
  • Rain Cover:  Yes
  • Interior:  Interior Slot Pocket, Cell Phone Pocket, Interior Zipper Pocket, Interior Compartment
  • Handle/Strap Type:  Soft Handle
  • Closure Type:  Zipper
  • Capacity:  70 Liter
  • Gender:  Unisex
  • Lining Material:  Polyester
  • Main Material:  Nylon
  • Main Body Material:  High Density Waterproof Nylon
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